Francis Medal Presented to Wilmington Parishioners

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

WILMINGTON, Del. — Last month, Todd Carpenter, OFM, awarded the HNP Francis Medal to two parishioners of St. Paul Parish for their longtime and dedicated service.

Ruperto and Julie Martinez recently moved back to Puerto Rico to retire, said the pastor, who presented the medal on Dec. 30. “Ruperto served as a lector, minister of Communion, sacristan, was active in the Cursillo, Juan XXIII, and Charismatic Movements and trained our altar servers.  His wife Julie was a longtime member of our Spanish choir and was also very active in various parish groups and movements,” said Todd. “Ruperto and Julie are pillars of our community and will be greatly missed by all.”

Photos of events at St. Paul’s Parish appear on the parish website said Todd, who has been stationed at the Wilmington parish since 2008, when he left Holy Cross Parish in the Bronx. In 2009, Todd, along with Christopher Posch, OFM, and Michael Tyson, OFM, gave the Francis Medal to Ana Schmitt, a member of the HNP Hispanic Ministry Committee. The previous year, then-pastor,William McIntyre, OFM, presented eight Francis Medals.

In New Jersey last month, the Francis Medal was given by the friars of St. Mary’s Parish, Pompton Lakes, to several parishioners.

The Province’s Francis Medal was established in 1998 by then Provincial Minister John Felice, OFM. Recipients are those who have displayed an uncommon contribution to the advancement of the values and ideas of St. Francis.

— Jocelyn Thomas is director of communications for Holy Name Province.