Fordham Courses Offered at 31st Street

Kevin Tortorelli Around the Province

NEW YORK. – Through a collaboration with St. Francis Church on West 31stStreet, Fordham University, whose campus is in the Bronx, is offering religion courses in midtown Manhattan.  While chiefly used by graduate students who register through Fordham, others can register to audit the first class meeting.

The relationship between the university and the church began in the spring of 2006, when Fr. Anthony Ciorra, Dean of the School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, approached Jerome Massimino, guardian and pastor, asking to use space in the Adult Education Center at St Francis. The Center itself is well located in midtown, easily reached by two regional rail systems, six subway lines and several NYC bus lines.  In this unique collaboration, Fordham uses the Center facilities evenings the year round with two courses in the autumn term, two in the winter/spring term and five in the summer months in three overlapping mini sessions.

In addition to our central location, on the second floor Fordham uses the two well lit, open and spacious rooms equipped with TV/VCR/DVD capacity.  We publish their course offerings in the autumn and winter/spring terms alongside our 14 adult education course offerings for the same time.

Following is a sample of the courses Fordham has offered on the premises of St. Francis: Cultures and LIberation Theology; Psychology and Religion/Spirituality; Theology of Ministry; Liturgical Spirituality.  For the Summer, 2007:An Introduction to Justice, Peace and the Poor; The Moral LIfe in a Global Church; Theology of Prayer; The Book of Revelation; The Mystical Tradition — Jews, Christians, Muslims.

 The schedule of the three upcoming sessions is shown below. 
Summer Session I runs June 28 to July 12.
Summer Session II runs July 16 to July 31.
Summer Institute Week runs July 9 to July 12.

All classes are held in the evening. Fordham sets its own fees.