FMS Names New Award for Friar

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Franciscan Mission Service (FMS) has announced a new award honoring the ministry of Joseph Nangle, OFM, who has dedicated the past 15 years to the organization and is one of its directors.

The Fr. Joe Nangle Lifelong Mission Award will be given to a person who exemplifies the spirit of Joe and the FMS mission, according to Kim Smolik, FMS executive director. The award, she said, gives the organization an opportunity to celebrate, share and inspire others to their baptismal call of mission.

“From the first moment I met Fr. Joe, I was touched by his warm spirit and passion for mission. His 15-year — and counting — commitment to FMS has created an unique pathway for lay people to learn about, and live, the Franciscan values of service to the marginalized, simplicity of lifestyle, and the promise to uphold justice, peace and reverence for God’s creation,” said Smolik, who became executive director earlier this year.

Joe, whose name has become synonymous with FMS, said the announcement took him by surprise. “I feel humbled, but I can understand,” he said. “It’s a good fit. I really believe in the organization.”

The friar also quipped, “When they start naming awards after you, you really are coming to the end of your life.”

Who Should Apply
Applicants for the award should be returned missioners who completed their contract with FMS, show evidence of applying the FMS experience in the area of reverse mission/lifelong mission, and incorporate the Franciscan ideals of simplicity, peacemaking, social justice, solidarity with the poor and respect for creation in life.

Joe began his professional life as a missioner in Peru and Bolivia, and continues his mission in Washington, D.C., today. He served as the director/co-director of FMS for 12 years and continues to serve on the board of directors.

He embodies the Franciscan ideals upon which the organization was founded: simplicity, peacemaking, social justice, solidarity with the poor and respect for all creation, according to Smolik.

How to Nominate
FMS will distribute information on the nomination procedure and criteria to returned missioners, donors and newsletter recipients and will post the information on its Web site. Nominations should include an application form, a written recommendation with supporting documentation and a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with the nominee’s qualifications.

This award will be made yearly at the FMS annual gathering in the fall. Nominations are due Aug. 15, and will be reviewed and ranked by the Return Missioners Committee. Final selection will be made by FMS Board of Directors.

More information about the award is available on the FMS Web site, which also provides back issues of its newsletter.

Wendy Healy, based in Connecticut, writes frequently for HNP Today.