Five-Session ‘Journey Through the Mass’ to Be Offered in Midtown N.Y.

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NEW YORK — Applicants for a five-session course at Church of St. Francis of Assisi here titled “Catholicism 101:  A  Journey through the Mass” are being accepted through May 3.

The program, sponsored by the West 31st Street Church’s adult faith formation team, will focus on the following topics:
● The Gathering Rite, highlighting creation, freedom, sin and the unity of the human family
● The Liturgy of the Word
● Preparation of the Gifts
● Eucharistic Prayer 
● Communion and Dismissal

Classes will be held in the lower church from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on consecutive Thursdays beginning May 10. They will be taught by Joseph Nuzzi, pastoral associate at St Francis Church, who says that “the course will answer the question, why do we do what we do at Mass.”

Pastor Jerome Massimino said that “response to this course, which is being given by our recently-hired pastoral associate, has been outstanding.  He will teach it along with Meredith Joseph, who directs our contemporary music program at our Sunday evening liturgies.”

The series is offered free of charge. For information, contact Ed Trochimczuk, director of volunteers, at 212-736-8500 ext. 361.