First Missionary Congress in Latin America

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ROME – The First Missionary Congress of the Friars Minor in Latin America is being planned this spring for Cordoba, Argentina.

The goal of the gathering, according to the January 2008 issue of Fraternitas, is to carry out a refoundation of the evangelizing mission from Latin America in various stages. The Congress will focus on three objectives: “the recovery of the missionary awareness of evangelization in Latin America on the basis of the historical memory,” “the animation of the life and new forms of evangelization of all entities,” and the awakening of “our specific ad gentes missionary vocation.”

The event, scheduled for April 13-19, was organized by a commission composed of representatives from all the conferences on the continent and from the General Curia. Information is available in Fraternitas, located in the “Offices of General Curia” section of the OFM site.