FAN Campaign Encourages Action on the Economy

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The second week of the mini-campaign of the Franciscan Action Network (FAN), called “Franciscans and the Economy: Growing Rich in the Sight of God,” continues to encourage Franciscans to pray, reflect, discuss and take action on the U.S. economy.

The online resource, which began Oct. 14, is designed to help Franciscans better understand, discuss, pray for, and advocate toward a stronger economic future. FAN’s mini-campaign highlights Franciscan spiritual perspectives and local response to the deepening worldwide financial crisis.

Week No. 2’s reflection looks more deeply at what the Franciscan heritage offers to help people evaluate the rescue package, according to the FAN Web site. It also suggests advocacy actions that potentially will help support the marginalized.

Another campaign component, focused on acting locally, invites Franciscans to consider how the friary, conventfamily and/or ministry budgets might be reduced to offer more assistance to those who are financially challenged. Such local action can ground us more deeply in Francis’ commitment to simple living.

“The true Franciscan teaching calls us to evaluate the nature of prosperity, not strictly in economic terms,” said Peter Sloan, FAN’s director of development and communications.

The FAN Web site also includes an Action Alert aimed at members of Congress. The Web site says, “If we are going to make an impact, we must grow the number of Franciscan and Franciscan-hearted people engaged in the work of the Franciscan Action Network.”

A variety of information is available on FAN’s site including an assortment of news items and information about the organization’s staff. Executive Director of FAN is Russell Testa, the Province’s director of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

Sloan said that FAN is also publicizing on its Web site informaton about the fast being held on Fridays from Nov. 1through Christmas.