Extranet Is Friars’ Go-To Information Source Online

HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK — Not sure of an event’s date and don’t know whom to call? Want to find out whether the Provincial Minister is available for a meeting? Heard that a friar is grieving the loss of a loved one and want to send condolences?

This type of information — and much more — is available on the HNP Web site, under the Extranet page.

As its name implies, Extranet is a friar’s source of information for many of the “extras” happening around the Province, and additional items of interest.

Its content also includes the Provincial Minister’s schedule, retreat information, details about funeral services, and more.

In addition, the Communications Office is developing a photo gallery for the Extranet. Check the page regularly to see what is new.

Friars who may want to modify their access codes to the Extranet can click on  “Manage Your Profile.” Those who are having difficulty logging onto the Extranet are asked to conatct Jocelyn Thomas in the Communications Office.

Thomas asks friars to let her know their observations about this page of the HNP site.  Feedback both about information that Extranet users find most helpful and what aspects of the page are confusing would be appreciated.