Enhancements to Friars Only Section

HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK — Nearly 20 new documents have been added this month to HNP’s Friars Only section of the Province’s Web site.  They include mainly Provincial Chapter and financial reports. In addition, a security feature has been added to the friar search feature in the Province’s Web site.

New Documents
Among the many documents that have been added to the site since June 1 are:

In Gatherings/Chapter section —
• Finance Directorate Report
• NATRI Consultation Report (Nat’l Association for Treasurers of Religous Institutes, Inc.)
• Provincial’s State of the Province Address given at the 2008 Chapter
• U.S. Religious Landscape: PEW FORUM
• 2008 Directorate reports
• ‘2008  SFO update
• ’08 Sexual Misconduct  Compliance Board Report

In the Financial/Reports section —
•  BenevolenceTrust Budget
• 2009 Education and Formation Trust Budget
• 2009 General Fund Budget
• 2009 Sick, Aged and Retired Trust Budget
• 2009 May Bonfils Budget
• NATRI Consultation Report

In the Governance /Making Sense section –
• Making Sense 2008

Security Features

The two search features in HNP Friars Only now have additional security to protect the data by limiting authorized persons to the information, according to Dennis Wilson, OFM, who arranged for the security.

“While it is not likely that someone will break into HNP Friars Only, this new security feature gives the data one more line of defense,” Dennis said.

Friars and bookkeepers can obtain details on the new method of logging into the search tools — Friar Search  and HNP Insured Autos — by contacting their guardian/pastor or  Jocelyn Thomas in the communications Office.  Both require an additional user name and password.