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NEW YORK —  Candidates are being sought for an administrative coordinator in the Province’s Vocation Ministry.  Questions as well as Information about potential candidates should be directed to Brian Smail, OFM, Holy Name’s director of vocations beginning in November, at FriarBri@aol.com

This full-time postion is located in the Provincial Office on West 31st Street. The job is responsible for coordinating support tasks related to the promotion of vocations.

Leila Sanchez, present  administrative coordinator, is leaving her position on Sept. 28.  After  four years with the Provincial Office, she shared a few thoughts with HNP Today:

“I want to express my most deepest thanks and appreciation to all the friars and the administrative staff of Holy Name Province who made these past years not only a great work experience but, more importantly, an unforgettable life experience.  My special gratitude to Fr. Francis DiSpigno, OFM, who saw in me the potential needed to perform this job, and also to Fr. Greg Jakubowicz, OFM, who expanded my responsibilities and trusted my judgement and insight about various situations.”

“In every path that God leads my life to, I always try to get the best to take with me. The treasures that I gathered during my time at Holy Name Province are invaluable.

“I will pray for each one of the friars’ discernment and also for new vocations. I am sure a smile will show in my face every time I remember your joyful Franciscan laughing because I know that is the true Franciscan spirit that I also happen to share with you.  Peace and All Good.”

In photo, Sanchez is shown with Gregory on the day she became a United States citizen earlier this year.