Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace Accepting Registrations

Russel Testa Features

WASHINGTON, D.C — Holy Name Province is one of the prime sponsors of the fifth annual Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace being held  from March 9 to 12. Last year, more than 40 participants came from HNP ministries to work for a better world.

The theme for this year’s gathering is “…and How Are the Children?,” which is based on a common greeting used in many parts of Africa. More than a thousand faith-based advocates will join to address the scourge of poverty and injustice in our nation and world.  In particular, with a new Congress convening this month, there is a great opportunity to make some significant political change.  In particular, the efforts of the Ecumenical Advocacy Days will look to ways to secure a better future in health, global policy and the environment and in so doing, establish a better chance for all children.

Information and registration information is available through its Web site.  An early registration rate is available by registering before February.

The Province continues to make it a goal to work at changing relationships that are destructive to human well-being.  A significant part of the budget for JPIC is focused on this, particularly to assist your ministry in joining this event.  Included in this mailing, in addition to the save-the-date card for Ecumenical Advocacy Days, are instructions on how to get assistance to offset the cost of the event. Our goal is have at least two representatives from each Holy Name Province ministry attend the 2007 Ecumenical Advocacy Days.

This year there is particular hope in achieving some real political change to improve the lives of the world’s children. The visits to members of Congress on Monday, March 12 will ask them to help children in three ways:

1) For U.S. children — have a base level of guaranteed medical care for all U.S. children
2) For the world’s children — eliminate the burden of international debt that they will pay for years, and invest foreign assistance is a fair way to achieve peace
3) For ALL children — guarantee there will be a future planet by passing legislation to help reverse global warming.

Obviously, these are big goals, but at the Advocacy weekend, participants will learn all the facts and assistance to help make this better world for children possible.

Information on Ecumenical Advocacy Days and about scholarship assistance for persons coming from Holy Name Province ministries is available through Russ Testa at 202-541-5245 or JPIC@HNP.ORG