Donor Establishes Foundation for St. Anthony Shrine to Assure that Ministries Continue

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

BOSTON — To assure that the ministry of St. Anthony Shrine here will continue for many years to come, parishioner Jean Tempel, a member of the guardian’s council, has started a foundation. Tempel, who called the Shrine, “an oasis of God’s love,” said she was inspired by the friars’ work and was in awe of the Shrine’s ministries.

A local corporation has already given a large donation to the St. Anthony Shrine Foundation, which is to be used for the work of the friars and the ministries of the parish.

“The foundation was started by one of the donors who wanted to assure continuation of the ministries of the friars,” said David Convertino, guardian and executive director, “to ensure perpetuity.”

In addition to David, the foundation’s board of trustees consists of two lay people and one of the Shrine’s vicars. David said he planned to invest the money for the first five years, since foundation guidelines give trustees voting power on use of interest income.

“Money can’t be spent on capital improvements, it must be used for ministerial work,” he added.

The Shrine, which is also called the Church on Arch Street, abounds with ministries for the community, in both English and Spanish.

Shrine Provides Many Ministries
The programs and services of St. Anthony Shrine include:
• GLT (Gay, Lesbian, Trans-gendered) Spirituality
• Separated/Divorced Support Group
• Project Rachel — outreach to women and men hurting from past abortions
• Retrouvaille — A ministry for hurting marriages
• Good Word for Today– A daily spiritual phone message
• St. Anthony’s Wellness Center
• Legal Advice Center
• The Father Mychal Judge Center for Recovery– professional substance abuse counseling
• 12-Step Programs
• Senior Program
• St. Anthony’s Lazarus Program – Buries “unwanted dead”
• St. Anthony’s Bread for the Poor
• KIDS Program
• The Franciscan School
• Seniors at Arch Street
• Peace and Social Justice

Foundation Kicks Off with Evening Prayer
The foundation was officially kicked off on July 9 during a celebration that began with a 5:30 evening prayer prepared by John Maganzini. Gene Pistacchio cantored and David presided. Diane Monaghan, director of development, her husband Charley, and Jean and Peter Tempel attended.

Following the homily, Tempel, David and Brian Smail signed the foundation document. At the end of the evening prayer, David invited Jean Tempel to speak.

She said: “It takes a very special person to dedicate themselves to God’s work, and I am in awe of what you do each and every day. Your Masses are celebrations of God’s love, your homilies are words of inspiration to feel his love and to love. And your reconciliation and patience help us connect our reality to our God.”

She continued: “It was through friends that I found the Franciscan Shrine on Arch Street and they introduced me to Fr. David and this wonderful welcoming ‘oasis of God’s love.’ ”

“My humble thanks to you all as I hope we become better friends. It has become a real treat to get to know some of you and as you have been here for me, I am happy to do something in return. After all, how can I ever truly thank you, the friars? In the words of David in the 23rd Psalm, ‘You have restored my soul.’ ”

At the end of the evening prayer, Richard Flaherty gave Tempel a bouquet of flowers, David invited her to the center of the chapel, and all the friars sang the “Blessing of Saint Francis.”

In September, Tempel will present to the Shrine’s guardian council about the foundation.
The Shrine will continue to raise funds through is Annual Franciscan Campaign and other direct mail programs, according to David.