Development for the Order

John Maganzini In the Headlines

BOSTON – Earlier this year, David Convertino received word from the General Minister and General Council in Rome that his services were requested in the development and fund-raising endeavors of the Order. Specifically, David was asked to raise money for projects of the Order in countries lacking adequate resources of their own to support the friars, formation students, and their various ministries..

Before heading to Rome to discuss this request, David began Italian language studies that would help him to communicate in the scheduled meetings. 

David, who will assist on a part-time basis, traveled to Rome during the summer and spent eight days in meetings with the General Minister and General Council; with Finian McGinn, OFM, the English-speaking General Councillor; and with other friars involved in development. He found the friars gracious and hospitable.

Moisés Gutiérrez, OFM, of Sacred Heart Province has been assigned to Rome and will live and work full-time at the General Curia. He will take responsibility for visiting places in Europe. David will make some trips to Rome for meetings and visit places in the English-speaking world.

As part of their travels, David and Moisés will meet with friars in various provinces and with donors to discuss methods for fund-raising. Their major challenge in beginning this work is to raise money without interfering in any way with existing development programs in the Order.