Daniel Sulmasy Writes a New Book

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GU Press has just published a new book by Daniel Sulmasy titled The Rebirth of the Clinic: An Introduction to Spirituality in Health Care.

According to the publisher, “At the outset of this accessible, engaging volume, he explores the nature of illness and healing, focusing on health care’s rich history as a spiritual practice and on the human dignity of the patient. Combining sound theological reflection with doses of healthy skepticism, he goes on to describe empirical research on the effects of spirituality on health, including scientific studies of the healing power of prayer, emphasizing that there are reasons beyond even promising research data to attend to the souls of patients. Finally, Sulmasy devotes special attention and compassion to the care of people at the end of life, incorporating the stories of several of his patients.”

“This is a collection of heartfelt, insightful, avowedly confessional essays by a respected physician-ethicist who is a powerful spokesperson both for Roman Catholic views of health and medicine and, more generally, for the necessity of including a consideration of spirituality in clinician/patient interactions,” said Dr. Margaret Mohrmann, associate professor of pediatrics and religious studies at the University of Virginia.

More information on the book is available using the link below.