Council Approves Three Friars for Solemn Profession

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From left to right: John Aherne, George Camacho and Edgardo Jara

NEW YORK — John Aherne, OFM, George Camacho, OFM, and Edgardo Jara, OFM, will profess their final vows as members of the Franciscan Order on Aug. 27 at St. Francis of Assisi Church on West 31st Street. They were approved for solemn profession by the Provincial Council at its March meeting.

All are welcome to the 11 a.m. Mass, which will be celebrated by Provincial Minister Kevin Mullen, OFM.

To prepare for their profession, the three student friars are completing their education and post-novitiate training. Since joining the Order’s formation program and professing their first vows as Franciscans, they have spent the last three to five years broadening their Franciscan and ministerial knowledge, through both formal education and volunteer experiences.

John, a native of New York City, holds a bachelor’s degree in English and anthropology from New York University and is planning to complete his master of divinity degree at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. After working in the publishing industry, John professed his first vows as a Franciscan in 2012. He is currently serving a yearlong internship at St. Anthony Shrine in Boston.

George, who also grew up in New York, professed his first vows in 2011 after having worked for a television station. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from NYU and a master’s degree in pastoral and spiritual care from Loyola University, Columbia, Md. George is serving an internship at Siena College outside Albany, N.Y.

Edgardo, a native of Costa Rica, is stationed at St. Camillus Parish, Silver Spring, Md., where he is serving a yearlong internship. He graduated in 2004 from Costa Rica Catholic University and professed his first vows as a Franciscan in 2013. Last year, Edgardo earned a master of divinity degree from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, Calif.

Additional biographical information about the friars can be found on the Meet the Student Friars page of the Be a Franciscan website.

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