Correspondents Sought for Communications Office

HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK, N.Y. – As a way to efficiently gather news from HNP locations, the Province’s director of communications, Jocelyn Thomas, has asked that all HNP sites – parishes, schools, ministries, and missions – designate a correspondent to submit news to HNP’s Communications Office.

She recommends that the name of each correspondent be submitted to  before the end of December. Jocelyn proposed this idea of utilizing correspondents as regular news sources to the guardians in a presentation at their annual meeting on Nov. 13.

Using correspondents as liaisons to the Communications Office will provide —

  • newsletter readers with broad comprehensive coverage of noteworthy  people and events from around the Province
  • the Communications Office with a representative in each house from whom it can gather facts

This is a perfect way to organize the communications flow for the new year, according to John O’Connor who said, “I suggested the idea of correspondents to Jocelyn, because we want to be made aware of all newsworthy events going on in the Province.”

This system will give all of us the chance to hear about the many positive things going on in our ministries and fraternities, he added.

HNP communications correspondents can be either friars or lay people; staff members of parishes, for example, may be appropriate for the role.  For information, call Jocelyn at ext. 321 in the Provincial Office (212-924-1451).

Readers can now find old issues of the newsletter on the Web site by clicking on “archives” under Publications/ HNP Today newsletter.