Construction Update: Provincial, Guests Tour All 58 Floors of 31st Street Building

John O’Connor Around the Province

Last week, I took several lay members of the Wellness Committee to visit the new building. After taking the construction lift to the 58th floor, we walked down to the first floor.

A representative from the construction company, Gotham, told us we were the first people he had escorted on a tour of the entire building — walking from the 58th to the first floor.

It was, however, not the first time that I had walked the entire building. As part of the regular inspection that I do with representatives of the participating organizations, the owners, banks, and the construction company, I have been taking this walk each month.

The walk down the building steps takes approximately 30 minutes.

Construction on HNP’s section of the building is now proceeding rather quickly. The bedroom floors are framed as is the recreation room and dining room floor. The tile floor in the kitchen has been put down and the main walk-in refrigerator has been installed. Several other kitchen appliances including sinks have also arrived.