Construction Update: Province Takes Ownership of New Facility

Jocelyn Thomas In the Headlines

NEW YORK, N.Y. – As the construction of the Province’s new building on 31stStreet here nears completion, legal proceedings are also moving forward.

Holy Name Province will be closing on the friary condominium this week which means that  “we will then take full ownership of the friary part of the new building,” John O’Connor said. The American Cancer Society will also be closing on their part of the building next week.

“This, of course, is another sign that it will not be long before we move in,” according to John who added “we expect to be able to move in by early April. “

Condominium is the legal term used to define sections of one building that are owned by different entities such as is the case with this building, John said, adding that “American Cancer owns 11 floors of the building and we own five floors.”

The Province also owns 32 percent of the remaining 42 floors, the retail area on 32nd Street, and the parking garage underneath the building.

John said that during the week of Jan. 8 he has a series of meetings with the Province’s partners and contractors to discuss last-minute details to prepare for the completion of the project.