Construction Update: Fire Safety, ACS Reception

HNP Communications In the Headlines

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Construction continues to go well at the new HNP building on 31st Street in New York, according to John O’Connor. Much of the dry wall has been completed in the friary section of the building, and workers are beginning to install paving stones for the courtyard of the friary.

“We ran into a last-minute problem with getting approval of the fire alarm system for the building. However, through the help of Chris Keenan and his many contacts in the Fire Department, we were able to cut through the red tape and come up with a plan that was acceptable to all parties,” John said.

The new building’s communications system will include video teleconferencing, according to Dennis Wilson, HNP’s treasurer.

On Wednesday evening, Nov. 8, John and Jocelyn Thomas, the Province’s director of communications, will attend a reception being held in the building by the American Cancer Society (ACS). Its purpose is to show leaders of the New York business and medical communities, as well as ACS donors, models of the rooms at its Hope Lodge which will occupy four floors of the new building.