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Reflections by Friars: Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks
By Fr. Ross Chamberland, OFM
A friar describes the many experiences and people for which he is grateful as he nears the first anniversary of his ordination.

Giving More Than Just Bread
By Fr. Michael Duffy, OFM
Fr. Michael of Philadelphia reflects on providing the needy with a feeling of value, community.

On Thanksgiving and Everyday, Be Grateful for Blessings
By Fr. Stephen Lynch, OFM
Gratitude is the only gift a person can give to God, who has everything, says Fr. Stephen, in an essay about the significance of Biblical texts in creating a grateful heart during the Thanksgiving season.

Thoughts on Gratitude
By Fr. Stephen Lynch, OFM
As people begin the Christmas-shopping season the day after Thanksgiving, Fr. Stephen, reminds readers that the Advent season should start in church, not at the mall.