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Reflections by Friars: Easter

A Lesson of Lent: Live a Life Where You Give of Yourself
By Fr. William Beaudin, OFM
Fr. William Beaudin reminds us of an important Lenten message

Easter Spirituality
By Fr. Stephen Lynch, OFM
Fr. Stephen offers a reflection about Easter in which he provides a light-hearted introduction and his views about the role of women

Meaning of the Resurrection
By Fr. Kevin Tortorelli, OFM
Friar talks of “going to the Father” and events being revealed in the light of Easter

Going to the Father
By Fr. Kevin Tortorelli, OFM
Fr. Kevin, a reader of religious studies, describes “the bedrock of New Testament faith.”

Witnessing the Resurrection
By Fr. Brian Smail, OFM
Fr. Brian Smail reminds readers the Easter story is not a one-time eve

Live By Love and Not By Fear
By Fr. Stephen Lynch, OFM
Fr. Stephen reminds us that God calls us to put our fears aside and follow him