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College Group Spends Break Helping Poor

Kevin Daly accompanied a van-load of Siena College students on a journey to Philadelphia, where they assisted at St. Francis Inn for a week during Christmas break.

The Three Kings

At St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Camden, on Epiphany weekend, John Coughlin, Jud Weiksnar and their deacon Tito Miranda, blessed 66 houses.

Benevolence and Bonfils Trusts

The friars are reminded that the deadline for submitting grant applications for the Benevolence and Bonfils Trusts is April 1.

Regis Duffy Passes

Regis Duffy, 71 years of age, a professed Franciscan friar for 50 years and a priest for 44 years, died Jan. 4 at the St. Bonaventure University Friary.

SBU Unveils New Scholarships for Pennsylvania Students

Two new scholarships designed especially for Chautauqua and Warren County (Pa.) County students.

Pioneer of Civil Rights Set to Speak at Siena

Georgia Congressman John Lewis, recognized by most as one of the important leaders of the civil rights movement, will be at Siena College on Jan. 19

Living for God on Death Row: Prisoner befriended by Stephen Walsh

How the Holy Spirit used an inmate named Rocky to build up my faith

Terence Gray

Terence Gray, a former friar, died on Tuesday, December 27. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Friday, December 30 at St. Martin’s Church, Buffalo, NY. For further inquiries: 716-823-7077.

Conrad Harkins

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New York City Inaugural Prayer

FDNY Chaplain Christopher Keenan gave an invocation during the inauguration of Michael Bloomburg for his second term as Mayor of New York City at City Hall on January 1. John Felice had given an invocation at the ceremony for Bloomburg’s first term of office.