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A blog focusing on the fraternal and ministerial activities of Holy Name Province and the Order.

Please Pray For

Repairs: Michael Carnevale had knee surgery on Friday, February 3. Ill: Fergus Healy has taken a turn for the better, and is leaving the CCU at Beth Israel Hospital. He has developed some blood problems and will be receiving a transfusion t. He has regained lucidity and can communicate fairly well. Died: Christine Cinotti, mother of Sr…. Read more »

News from Lima

Anthony Wilson celebrates the funeral Mass for the father of Percy Osorio; Winston Guzman renews his temporary vows.

E-Mail Changes

Frederick Mc Keever has a new e-mail address.

Friar Update

Peter Brophy has officially communicated his intention to withdraw from the Order and the priesthood.

Changes in Copyright Law

Janet Gianopoulos points out 1998 changes to the American copyright laws.

Liver Transplant

Mychal's Message founder Shannon Hickey is celebrating the 15th anniversary of her life-saving liver transplant.

Camden Recycling Programs

The 8th graders at St. Anthony of Padua School in Camden designed and launched a recycling program for the school.

Dan Sulmasy Presents Report on Human Dignity

A Report was presented to the US President's Council on Bioethics on the concept of human dignity as it is applied to bioethics on Feb. 2 in Washington D.C

May Bonfils-Stanton Fund

All recipients of grants from the May Bonfils-Stanton Fund are reminded that progress reports are due no later than Feb. 28.

Days of Reflection and Renewal 2006: “The Grace of Our Origins”

A reminder that all friars are asked to register for one of the Days of Reflection and Renewal - "The Grace of Our Origins" program scheduled at one of these locations.