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Jersey Friars Weather Record Blizzard

Certainly other parishes in our Bergen County area were affected by Bizzard '06 this past weekend. But the following are some observations about our own experiences at the Church of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady in Wood-Ridge.

Call for Photos

Stories become more interesting if a photo is included. If you have an event or meeting and someone has taken photos with a digital camera, please send a copy of a photo or two when you send in your story. We are also always on the lookout for photos for the "front page."

About the Photo

Our photo this week is of Japanese friar Jun Hasegawa reflecting at a exibit at Arlington National Cemetery called Faces of the Fallen. It honors soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. The photo was taken by Octavio Duran.


Our thanks to Phillip Jacobs of the Provincial Communications Office who edited HNP Today the last two weeks while Jim McIntosh was working at the OFM JPIC Congress in Uberlândia, Brazil.

E-Mail Changes

Thomas Kornacki and the Poor Clares in Greenville, S.C., have new e-mail addresses.

Study Reveals Qualities of Future Priests

Traditional, optimistic, relationship-oriented and ready to volunteer: Those are the qualities that "Generation Y" will bring to the priesthood, according to a study by Jeffrey Ricchiuti, a senior at Siena College.

News From 96th Street

On Jan. 16, Holy Name Church on 96th Street sponsored the fourth annual March for Peace. The crowd was estimated at between 300 and 350.

Adult Ed Program to Begin at 31st Street

The Lent/Easter program of the St. Francis of Assisi Adult Education Program on 31st Street is set to begin shortly.

Wellness Subcommittee Meets

The wellness subcommittee, a subsidiary of the fraternal life committee, met for the first time at the Provincial Offices on Feb. 6.

Friar Update

Fergus Healey is now in residence at Holy Name Friary in Ringwood, N.J.