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A blog focusing on the fraternal and ministerial activities of Holy Name Province and the Order.

Anthony LoGalbo To Head New Spirituality Center in New York

Anthony LoGalbo has been appointed the director of the newly-established Center for Franciscan Spirituality at St. Francis Church, 31st Street.

Extraordinary General Chapter Update

The Extraordinary General Chapter is now in its second week of deliberations. The assembled friars have heard at least one plenary address on most days.

JPIC Encourages Support for Sudan Rallies

Michael Perry, coordinator of the Africa Desk of Franciscans, International has asked that the text below be distributed among the friars, according to Russell Testa, HNP’s animator for justice and peace. Mike encourages friars to announce this in their ministry sites and to encourage people to become involved.

Francis Medal Awarded to Archbishop Flynn

The Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, archbishop of Minneapolis-St. Paul, received the Province’s Francis Medal following Evening Prayer with the friars of 31st Street on Sept. 18.

Ground Zero Cross to Transfer to St. Peter’s Church

A procession to transfer the Ground Zero Cross (also known as the Last Artifact) from its present site in the World Trade Center area to the exterior of St. Peter's Church. The procession will be held on Oct. 5.

Visioning and Planning Process Moves Ahead

HNP's Visioning and Planning Committee has been committed since the group's inception to an inductive, “bottom-up” approach to crafting a Vision Statement and Five-Year Plan for the province.

Newsletter Distribution Moves to Thursday Next Week

Next week’s HNP Today will be distributed on Thurs. Oct. 5, rather than the usual publication date of Wed. The Provincial office is closed on Oct. 4 in commemoration of the Feast of St. Francis.

Francis Gunn’s Movie Review Published

Coinciding with the anniversary of 9/11, Francis Gunn wrote a review of the film United 93 that was published in the September issue of PsycCRITIQUES, an online journal of the APA.

Proposals for Sabbaticals and Graduate Studies Due

Proposals for Sabbaticals and Graduate Studies Due.Reminder to friars contemplating sabbaticals or graduate studies in 2007-2008.

St. Mary’s Celebrates and Buys Books

As part of the 100th anniversary of St. Mary's this year, many friars have been invited back on weekends to preach and to celebrate the anniversary by talking about various themes.