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A blog focusing on the fraternal and ministerial activities of Holy Name Province and the Order.

Severin Brady Dies

Father Severin Brady, OFM, 66, a professed Franciscan friar for 45 years and a priest for 40 years, died July 14 at Holy Name Friary, Ringwood, N.J.

IC Province Holds Chapter of Mats

The Province of the Immaculate Conception celebrated a "Chapter of Mats" in early June near Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

Rediscovering Bona’s Past

The pilgrimage leaders and Sister Margaret set out in a car from Rome, and after one or two wrong turns they found the little town of Magliano Dei Marsi, about the size of Allegany, where they came across a postman.

Two Couples Honored in Allegany

Francis Medals were presented to two couples at this year's Bonafest on July 8.

Friars Work with Troubled Marriages

DEAR ABBY: I am married to a man I'll call "Chad."

Visioning and Planning Committee Meets

In January and February 2007, the friars will be asked to hold house chapters to reflect on the input of our partners in ministry and to prepare for fraternal gatherings to be held in late February and March.

New E-Mail Addresses

John Hogan and Campion Lally have new or changed e-mail addresses.

HNP Welcomes New Candidates

Three candidates for the postulant program moved into Holy Cross Friary in the Bronx, N.Y., on July 6 to begin their Franciscan formation.

Provincial’s Schedule

Here is my schedule for the next few months.

Friar Assignments

Severin Brady, Edward Dillon and Depaul Genska have new assignments.