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Insight and Wisdom

From 2001 to 2009, Insight and Wisdomwas the Franciscan Vocation Ministry’s quarterly publication for men discerning a vocation as a Franciscan friar.

Issue Archive:

Web_IW_Advent09-1 PDF Advent 2009 (PDF) I&W_SUMMER09_Web-1 PDF Summer 2009 (PDF)
I&W-Spring2009-1 PDF Spring 2009 (PDF) Insight&WisdomFall_2008-1 PDF Fall 2008 (PDF)
Insight_Wisdom_Summer_2008_R-1 PDF Summer 2008 (PDF) Insight-&-Wisdom_Lent2008-1 PDF Lent 2008 (PDF)
Insight-&-Wisdom_Christmas2007-1 PDF Christmas 2007 (PDF) Insight-and-Wisdom_Fall_r2007-1 PDF Fall 2007 (PDF)
Insight_and-Wisdom_Summer_2007-1 PDF Summer 2007 (PDF) Insight-and-Wisdom_Lent_2007-1 PDF Lent 2007 (PDF)
Insight-and_Wisdom_Advent_06-1 PDF Advent 2006 (PDF) I_and_W_Fall_06-1 PDF Fall 2006 (PDF)
Iinsight_and_Wisdom_Summer_06-1 PDF Summer 2006 (PDF)