Communications Update: New Format for E-Announcements

HNP Communications Friar News

NEW YORK — Late last month, the Holy Name Province Communications Officelaunched “HNP News for Friars,” a new friars-only e-bulletin.

This communications vehicle replaces the occasional updates to HNP friars from communications director Jocelyn Thomas that had in the past been sent as e-mail messages.

News for Friars
The first announcement in the new format, about the “Evangelizing Youth and Young Adults” workshop, was distributed Feb. 25. A second was sent last week with a recap about recent friar assignments and information about support for labor unions.

Most issues of “HNP News for Friars” will contain recent e-mail address updates the Provincial Office receives.

“These announcements are meant to be printed and posted at all houses to ensure friars — including those who do not use e-mail — are receiving the most up-to-date news from the Provincial Office,” Thomas said. “The Communications Office converted its friar e-mails to the bulletin format to offer a pleasant look and a sense of uniformity. We aim to keep these e-bulletins short — to one page — so they can be easily displayed on a bulletin board, as a flyer or a poster would.”

HNP friars who did not receive the Feb. 25 or March 4 e-bulletins should contact communications coordinator Rebecca Doel by phone (646-473-0265 ext. 311) or e-mail (

E-mails will continue to be sent to friars from the Provincial Administration — Provincial Secretary Michael Harlan, OFM, and Theresa Bartha — with news about friar health and updates from the Provincial Minister.

HNP Directory
Publication of a 2011 printed directory has been delayed to incorporate all friars assignments decided upon at the Congressus. The HNP Directory 2011 will be distributed to friars this summer, once the assignments have taken effect.

Updates of friar assignments and contact information as of Nov. 15, 2010, are available on the “Documents” page of the Extranet under directories.

Friars who need help in accessing the Extranet may contact Doel or Thomas, at ext. 321.

Editor’s note: The Communications Office welcomes information about friar and ministry events around the Province. Submission deadline for the next issue of this newsletter is March 16.