Communications Office Welcomes Submissions of News and Photos

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

NEW YORK — The Province’s Communications Office reports that five people have volunteered to serve as correspondents.  They include staff members as well as parishioners of HNP churches.

Friars and others connected to Holy Name Province are encouraged to submit information to the Office that they believe may be of interest to HNP Todayreaders.

Newsletter readers include a variety of people — friars of Holy Name and other Franciscan Provinces, staff and alumni of Siena College and St. Bonaventure University, staff and volunteers at the Province’s many ministries, and others who have requested inclusion on the subscriber list. The number of e-addresses currently on the subscriber list is nearly 450.

To meet its biweekly schedule, the staff of HNP Today requests that information being submitted for publication consideration be e-mailed to by the Friday afternoon before the newsletter publication date. HNP Today is published every other Wednesday; upcoming distribution dates include:

–> April 25
–> May 9
–> May 23
–> June  6
–> June 20

Below are guidelines for submitting information and photographs.

● Submit article drafts as Word documents.
● Include name of the writer of the article in the document; also provide a phone number in case newsletter editor needs to contact him/her.
● Check on accuracy of names; Be sure that all names are spelled correctly and that the role or affiliation of people is described.
● Average length of articles: 400 words. Some, of course are shorter (as few as 75 words) and others are longer (sometimes up to 1100 words)
● All text will be edited before it appears in the newsletter.

● Submit electronic photos via e-mail; send only one image per e-mail 
● Photo should be sent as a JPEG attachment
● Avoid embedding photos into Word documents
● Identify people who are visible in the photo; include caption information in the e-mail cover note or as part of the article draft (in the Word document).
● Do not try to color correct the photos.

“Both Octavio Duran and I can adjust the original material,” said graphic designer Phil Jacobs. “Sometimes the wrong maniuplation of the file will result in a loss of image information.”

Detailed instructions regarding the sizing and scanning of photos are available through the Communications Office.  A list of photo guidelines, compiled by the design staff, is available to correspondents upon request.

For further information or to discuss an article idea, please contact the Communications Office by e-mail or phone — 212-924-1451, ext. 321 (for director) or 311 (for designer). Our goal is to report on as many of the significant programs, people and activities of the Province as possible.

 Jocelyn is Holy Name Province’s Director of Communications.