Communications Office Update

HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK — Holy Name Province will soon debut two new communications tools: a page on Facebook, the popular social networking site, and Province-wide e-mail system. 

As a way to distribute news immediately about the Province, the HNP Communications Office is creating a Facebook page called “Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province.” It will include information and photos, as well as a link to the Province’s Web site.

“Many friars and HNP ministries use Facebook and find it effective to communicate about their ministries and to evangelize,” said HNP communications director Jocelyn Thomas.

The Vocation Office’s “Be A Franciscan” Facebook page, launched last fall, already has more than 180 fans, said Brian Smail, OFM, vocation director. 

“We expect that the Province’s Facebook page will interest both friars and those in their ministries,” said Thomas. She added that other religious communities and many nonprofit groups find Facebook especially effective for communicating with their constituents.

A Picture is Worth…
To help friars and ministries better understand the power of a visual image, the Communications Office has produced a flyer called “Communicating Through Photos,” offering tips for conveying Franciscan life and ministry with pictures. The flyer is being distributed at the Province’s upcoming fraternal gatherings.

“It is proven that a picture is worth 1,000 words,” said Thomas. “We want to encourage both friars and partners-in-ministry to submit photos of ministry scenes to our office for use on Web sites, in newsletters and other communications projects.”

E-mail System
The Province’s Communication Office will soon offer an opportunity for friars to convert to a new and improved e-mail system that provides enhanced features.

“We are converting to a system that will give all friars one permanent HNP e-mail address — not one connected to their current ministry — that they can take with them to all future assignments and says that they are a member of Holy Name,” Thomas said. It is through the popular Google mai, and will offer calendars, integrated video chat, and tools to share, discuss and revise documents used by groups. 

This conversion is being coordinated by Jim McIntosh, OFM, of the HNP Communications Advisory Committee. Details about the new system will be presented to HNP friars soon. Thomas said it will be user-friendly, simple and efficient, and will be rolled out gradually with basic instructions. Friars will not be required to use the new e-mail system, she said.

In Related News
The Communications Office also announced the following:
• An updated version of the HNP 2010 Directory is being finalized; friars can find the file on the HNP Extranet 
under documents. 
• The HNP Publications Stylebook has been updated and will be available later this week on the Communications 
 Page of the HNP Web site. 
• News from — and about — friars and partners in-ministry is welcomed for HNP Today. Upcoming deadlines for 
submission, always the Wednesday prior to distribution, are listed below:
· Feb. 24 for March 3 issue
· March 10 for March 17 issue
· March 24 for March 31 issue
· April 7 for April 14 issue