Communications Office Update: Format Enhancement for E-newsletter

Rebecca Doel Around the Province

HNP Today has a new look.

Beginning this month, the Province’s biweekly newsletter will feature news about the friars first. The HNP Communications Office staff has rearranged the sections in a way to highlight information of interest to the friars.

“By reversing the ‘In the Headlines’ and ‘Friar News’ sections,” said communications director Jocelyn Thomas, “we believe our friars will have easier access to the news they most want to read.” She noted: “It is important that the newsletter be useful to friars. After all, they are our primary audience.”

Archived issues of HNP Today, dating back to September 2005, will also reflect this new sequence.

The Communications Office staff welcomes readers to submit news about their ministries for inclusion in HNP Today, which currently has more than 1,350 subscribers. Below are publication dates of issues in the next few months, accompanied by the deadlines for news submission:
· May 23 issue (by May 16)
· June 6 (by May 30)
· June 20 (June 14)
· July 5 (June 29)
· July 18 (July 11)
· Aug. 1 (July 25)

News can be submitted in a variety of ways. Thomas said, “Some friars and ministry leaders write articles, while others send a simple email with information that we use to write a newsletter story. Other people use our online submission form.”

— Rebecca Doel is communications coordinator for Holy Name Province.