Communications Office Update: Blogs on

HNP Communications Features

NEW YORK — A new feature has been added to the Province’s Web site: friar blogs. To read the posts of two members of HNP’s Ministry of the Word, visit the “Who We Are” section and click on “Our Friars.”

The bloggers, who began writing several months ago, are John Anglin, OFM, and William DeBiase, OFM. John writes “The Wandering Friar” and William pens a blog called “Franciscan.”

The blogs tell about the lives and the ministry of the friars. In addition to personal thoughts, they include photos and videos, as well as announcements of upcoming preaching dates.

These blogs complement the information that is posted on the Province’s Web site. “They show the personal side of the Province,” said Jocelyn Thomas, HNP director of communications, adding that she believes presenting a well-rounded perspective of Holy Name Province is important. “We plan to add blogs by other Holy Name friars. The next to be added will be a blog by the Vocation Ministry leaders which will be live next month.”

Provincial Vicar Dominic Monti, OFM, said, “Many of us have come to see that blogs can be a valuable communications tool. As a regular reader of Rocco Palmo’s ‘Whispers in the Loggia,’ which reports on Church events and the Vatican, I can attest to that. Since keeping up a blog on a regular basis is a lot of work, I am grateful to friars who are willing to take on this effort.”

Thomas welcomes friars who write blogs to notify the Communications Office. She recommends that they keep in mind that once they “go public” with a blog, they are representing the Province, and not solely themselves.