Communications Office Offers New Year Ideas

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

NEW YORK, N.Y. — As a new year approaches, HNP’s Communications Office encourages newsletter readers to spread the message and the news of the friars.

Several methods are available for publicizing the good news of Holy Name Province; many are simple including:

  • Printing the address of the Province’s Web site on publications such as Sunday bulletins, newsletters of HNP parishes and alumni magazines
  • E-mailing to a friend, relative or coworker HNP Today articles about interesting topics
  • Sending news of local events to the Communications Office, located in the main Provincial Office. Readers are welcome to send e-mails to  or mail in newspaper or magazine clips and the like to 158 West 27th St., 6th Floor, New York, N.Y.

“It would be helpful if friars as well as our lay partners did what they could to tell others about all of the good things that our parishes, schools and other ministries are doing in and for the many communities that our Province serves,” according to Dominic Monti, former (interim) communications director for the Province.

Jocelyn Thomas is HNP’s Director of Communications.