Communications Office Offers Easy Way to Submit News Online

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

NEW YORK — The Province’s Office of Communications has created a new way to gather news to share with HNP Today readers that it believes might prove popular with users.

An Information Submission Form is now available online to assist those contributing news about events happening in their ministries and parishes. The form was developed to be an efficient way for people to submit information. It was designed to guide users in compiling facts.

“The categories of information make the form clear for both the user and the recipient,” said Phil Jacobs, graphic designer in the Office of Communications. “I think the contributors will enjoy its ease of use because it will save them the trouble of organizing the material.”

To locate the form, visit the publications section of the Province’s Web site and click on the link shown under HNP Today newsletter.

The communications office welcomes readers to choose either method of contributing news to be considered for publication in this newsletter:

  1. Write a draft article and e-mail the Word document to  Some organizations, such as educational institutions, often submit press releases.
  2. Use the new Information Submission Form.  Be sure that all names are spelled correctly.  Any informaton that needs researching will delay the publication of your topic.

Contributors should e-mail news by the Thursday before the newsletter’s publication dates.  Upcoming HNP Today distribution dates:
Aug. 1
Aug. 15
Aug. 29
Sept. 12

Other updates and reminders from the Office of Communications:
— This issue of HNPT is a combination of the July 4 and July 18 issues. The next e-newsletter will be published  on August 1.
— The HNP Directory has been updated. The June 2007 version can be found in the “Friars Only” section of the site.
— Photos and announcements change often on the Province’s home page. Be sure to visit  every  few days.
— Back issues of HNP Today can be found by visiting the publications section of the Province’s Web site. Click on “Archives” to find issues dating from September 2005 when e-letter was launched.
— The office of communications will be closed on July 18 and 19 for its move to West  31st Street.

We welcome questions and suggestions about the Information Submission Form and about communication in general. Please phone me at  212-924-1451 ext. 321.

— Jocelyn Thomas is director of communications for Holy Name Province.