Chapter Planning: Committee Finalizes Agenda

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NEW YORK — At their final meeting before the 2011 Chapter, members of the Province’s Chapter Planning Committee discussed a variety of topics last week for the Jan. 3 to 7, 2011, gathering.

“We determined the agenda for the Chapter based on the results of the fall regional days, and we amended and approved the Chapter’s rules and procedures,” said William Beaudin, OFM, chair of the committee.

chapter-rThe focus of the four-day gathering, held on Eastern Shore of Maryland, will be on electing the Province’s leaders and on discussing proposals submitted by friars.

Five friars have been approved as candidates for the office of Provincial Minister, according to a memo distributed to all HNP members from Fr. Fred Link, OFM, the Province’s General Visitor.

More than 200 friars are registered for the 2011 Chapter, according to Provincial Secretary Michael Harlan, OFM.

The last Chapter held by Holy Name Province was in 2008. Its last major chapter of elections was in 2005 whenJohn O’Connor, OFM, was elected Provincial Minister, and Dominic Monti, OFM, Provincial Vicar.

Friars are reminded that they can obtain information about the venue of the Chapter, whose theme is “Crossroads: Where our deep longing meets the world’s great need,” as well as driving directions on the HNP Extranet. Issues of the four e-bulletins produced by the Chapter Planning Committee are also available. 

The photo behind the chapter logo shows members of the Chapter Planning Committee at their Dec. 2 meeting.