Celebrating Hospitality and Community Building

John Maganzini Around the Province

Harbor Towers are two high-rise residential towers on Boston’s waterfront, not far from Saint Anthony Shrine. Diane Monaghan, director of development at the Shrine, and her husband Charley live in the towers.

In reviewing the Shrine’s database, Diane realized many other people living in Harbor Towers either attend or donate to the Shrine.

A home Mass was planned for May 7. Invitations were sent to everyone in the two towers. Bette and Bill Hoskins, members of the Guardian’s Council and residents of the towers, offered their home.

At noon, a good number of residents gathered for Mass, followed by a luncheon prepared by the Shrine’s kitchen staff. David Convertino, Brian Smail, Frank McHugh,John Maganzini, John Mahon and Sister Marie Puleo represented the Shrine.

David celebrated the Mass, and Brian and Frank concelebrated. Following the Mass, David blessed the home (and the towers) and gave a San Damiano cross as a gift to Bette and Bill.

As people gathered, they remarked, “I see you in the elevator…”

It was a beginning toward building community in the Harbor Towers and another way of extending “welcome” in our Shrine community.