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Ministry of the Word Report to the Provincial

We offered the Provincial a brief overview of the Ministry of the Word since 1984 when Roderic Petrie and Brennan Connelly renewed the ministry of the itinerant preacher and changed the name from the Mission Band to the Ministry of the Word.

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Building Bridges of Solidarity with the One, Human Family

For the next 40 days, Catholics all over the world will forgo chocolate, TV or some other indulgence as a way to focus on their relationship with Jesus. This year, I would like to invite you to enrich your personal and parish penitential experience by praying, fasting, learning and giving through Operation Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Services's (CRS) annual Lenten program for individuals, families, parishes, schools and other groups.

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Alcuin Coyle Honored at 31st Street Dinner

With over 50 guests in attendance, Alcuin Coyle was honored at a dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The occasion marked his retirement after 20 years as director of adult education at St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street.

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An Appeal for Help from the Philippines

When I arrived back from our II OFM JPIC International Congress, news of the mudslide disaster on Feb. 17 that affected several villages in St. Bernard, Southern Leyte, Philippines have been in the headlines the past few days. As of the latest count, 220 dead bodies have been recovered but it is believed that more than a thousand are feared to have suffered the same fate.

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Reflections on the OFM JPIC Congress: Some Next Steps

As I reflect upon my experience representing the Province in the Second International OFM Congress for JPIC in Brazil, I am left with a renewed sense of encouragement for our JPIC work in the Holy Name Province.

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The Second OFM International Congress for JPIC Ends

The Second OFM International Congress for JPIC Congress ended today as the participants approved the draft final report of the meeting. Yesterday, the General Minister, Jose Rodriguez Carballo, OFM, addressed the participants.

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