Parishioners Bid Farewell to Wilmington Friars with Parades, Virtual Party

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When three friars were scheduled to depart from parishes in downtown Wilmington, where the Province had announced earlier this year its intentions to withdraw from these ministry sites, the pandemic upended plans for a farewell Mass and catered banquet for Paul Williams, pastor of St. Joseph’s, and Rodolfo Ramón-Cabrera, pastor, and Paul Breslin, of St. Paul’s. But parishioners got creative when it was time to exchange goodbyes with the trio of friars.

Franciscan Store Launches Christmas Catalog

Stephen Mangione Around the Province, Home Page – News

With pandemic-driven e-commerce retail shopping expected to continue through the holiday season, the online Franciscan Store has launched a Christmas catalog that offers an extensive assortment of gifts and stocking-stuffers. Its products range from rosary beads, medals, bracelets, nativities, and other religious articles handcrafted in Assisi, Italy, to books, religious cards and other spiritual resources written and designed by Franciscan friars and nuns

Province Extends Sympathy to Families of Deceased

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The friars of Holy Name Province extend condolences to the families of friars who have recently lost loved ones. Norah Tunney, 103, aunt of Kevin Mackin, OFM, died on Aug. 15 in Ireland. Donna Sevola Marsh, 71, aunt of Frank Sevola, OFM, died on Aug. 15 in Pittsford, New York. Deborah Schliffler, sister of Julian Davies, OFM, died on Sept. …

Raleigh Parish Bids Farewell to Franciscans

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RALEIGH, N.C. – With gratitude and prayer, the parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi Church bid farewell to the Franciscans last month, ending 33 years of pastoral ministry by the friars. They said good-bye and thank you at an Aug. 30 Mass and in a presentation that recognized every friar who served at St. Francis of Assisi since 1987, when …