Canticle Farm Sells Shares for Organic Crops

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ALLEGANY, N.Y. –  Canticle Farm, a non-profit community-supported agriculture project founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, publicized in a recent bulletin of St. Bonaventure Church here that it is selling shares that enable shareholders to enjoy its crops.

Canticle Farm provides earth-friendly, fresh produce to the local community. Managers of the farm recommend becoming a shareholder and receiving more than 30 different crops during the 20-week growing season that begins in June.  They said that they now have limited shares available for the shorter spring and fall harvests.

The farm promotes itself as “Good for You, Good for the Environment, Good for the Community.”

All vegetables are grown and harvested in Allegany, using organic methods. Funds are also raised to donate produce to local food pantries and organizations that service low-income individuals and families.

To become a shareholder or to donate a share, contact Sr. Joyce Ramage or Rhonda Berman at the Farm office at 716-373-0200 ext. 3358 or