Callicoon Parish Launches New Web Site

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CALLICOON, N.Y. — Holy Cross Parish here has replaced its Web site with a new one.

In addition to describing Holy Cross Parish, the new Web site informs visitors about St. Patrick’s Church in Long Eddy, N.Y. The site was updated on the request of Ignatius Smith who contacted parishioner Rita Greier, Web master of St. Mary’s Church in Obernburg, N.Y.

“Fr. Iggy called me to ask if I would add Holy Cross to the list of Web sites I’ve developed and manage for local non-profit organizations,“ Rita said, adding that she was more  than happy to work on this project.  The old site, which was hosted on a parishioner’s server, has since been removed, she said.

The new site has a fresh look with easier navigation and more frequent updates, Rita said.

“Visitors will be able to get all the information that is included in the weekly parish bulletin including daily Mass intentions, and, of course, information about arrangng baptisms, weddings,” she said. “We also include a list of those who are sick and requirng prayers and, when applicable, names of recently deceased.”