Building Update

John O'Connor In the Headlines

Another milestone in construction was reached this past week with the removal of the climbing crane.

The interior of the friary can now be completed. The drywall has been delivered to the floors of the friary, and the contractors began installing the walls of the various rooms July 29. The bathtubs have already been installed in the friars’ rooms.

A committee of friars from the 31st Street community has been working with Jerome Massimino to choose furniture for the friary.

In other news, the American Cancer Society has placed a large sign on the 32nd street side of the building with the announcement “Coming Soon: Hope Lodge – A home away from home for cancer patients.” The Cancer Society is looking forward to having the friars work with them as chaplains in this facility.

At the construction meeting July 26, it was announced that the building is now approximately 60 percent completed.

Another interesting development is that the provincials of three major religious orders, the leadership of two Protestant churches, the president of a local Catholic college, and the leaders of a community housing project have approached John O’Connor. All are interested in finding out more about the project. All own land in New York City. What the Province has done by not merely selling the land, but rather investing in the project, has become a model that is drawing quite a bit of interest from non-profit organizations.

[The building, pictured to the right with the crane, is shown next to the Empire State Building. As mentioned in the story, the crane has since been removed. Photo: Phil Jacobs]