Buffalo Parish Announces Festival

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — St. Clare Church is hosting a “Weekend Under the Tent” from Aug. 6 to 8 to raise money for the parish and offer summer fun to the community.

According to Michael Putich, OFM, pastor of the parish on Elk Street, all proceeds will go to St. Clare’s savings account and capital repair fund.

Presale tickets are $8 for the event that begins at 6 p.m. on August 6. The festival will offer a 50/50 and theme basket, raffles, games, and a clown. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and other refreshments will be made available through hospitality tents.

The musical entertainment will consist of three bands, who will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The parish hopes that through Facebook and other social media, attendance will increase.

“Last year, roughly 600 people were on campus,” Michael said. “This year, we’re counting on Facebook and other social networks to increase attendance. Since we’re only 392 families, this year’s goal is for each family to invite four more people. I hope the friars will invite their Facebook friends in Western New York to attend.”

The event will conclude on Sunday with a chicken dinner, from 12 to 4:00 p.m. “Come for a weekend of fun and bring all your friends,” said a recent Facebook post of St. Clare Parish, the community formed in 2007 by the merge of five Buffalo parishes.