Boston Friars Wish Good Luck to Mathias Doyle With Foreign Assignment

John Maganzini Around the Province

BOSTON, Mass.  — The friars of St. Anthony Shrine gathered here last week for a celebration and blessing to bid good luck to Mathias Doyle who departed the following day for a six-week stay in India.

At the Feb. 18 event, David Convertino led the friars in a brief ceremony of farewell and read the decree from the General Curia.  All the friars joined in blessing Mathias.  Many prayers follow him in his new ministry as delegate general to the friars of India.

Since his appointment in December, Mathias has been preparing for his first trip there.  During his stay in India or about six weeks, Mathias will meet with  the friars and participate in some of their scheduled meetings.  An article about his appointment appeared in the Dec. 20 issue of HNP Today.

 Br. John is vicar at St. Anthony Shrine.