Archive Offers Annals Index and Memorial Cards

HNP Communications Around the Province

BUTLER, N.J. — Archivist Vincent Grogan, OFM, has notified the Province’s Communications Office that he has an index to the Provincial Annals, from the first issue produced in 1939 through the year 2004.

The index is arranged by geographic locale of friaries and by names, said Vincent.

“Should you wish information on a given topic — ministry or friar — for the purpose of research, history or personal satisfaction, contact me in Butler,” he said.

Shown above are recent editions of the Provincial Annals. The 2008 edition will be available by November, saidJulian Davies, OFM, editor.

Also on hand are extra copies of friar memorial cards, Vincent said. Contact Vincent to receive them.

The archives are located at St. Anthony Friary in Butler.