Anthonian Wins Two Awards

HNP Communications Around the Province

The Anthonian magazine won awards for two articles by Octavio Duran. The Catholic Press Association presented a first-place award for an article Octavio wrote about Hhoa Nguyen‘s work with people suffering from AIDS in Vietnam. They presented a third-place award for a photo essay Octavio prepared showing modern-day representations of the legend of Greccio.

The first-place award was in the “Best Essay, Religious Order Magazine” category. The third-place award was in the “Best Photo Story” category.

“It feels good to have your work recognized not only by the brothers, but also by professional communicators,” Octavio said. “This is an encouraging sign that working as a team brings great results at the end of the day. I want to thank the Province for the opportunity it has given me to minister at the Communications Office, from which I can minister to people I don’t even know.”

The 2006 Catholic press awards were announced on May 26 at the association’s annual convention in Nashville, Tenn.

Octavio’s award-winning articles can be viewed using the links below.