Allegany Parish Holds Annual ‘Bonafest’

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ALLEGANY, N.Y. — St. Bonaventure Church here celebrated the July 15 feast of St. Bonaventure last month with its 21st annual “Bonafest.” Hundreds came to the rural parish in Western New York to enjoy clowns, children’s game, raffles, summer refreshments, music and more.

Four people were awarded the Province’s Francis Medal at the July 12 to 13 festival. Steve and Peggy Reitz, Rosemary Ryan and Reva DeArmitt were honored.

In his letter in the event’s journal, Pastor Richard Husted, OFM, said that Bonafest is a terrific example of collaboration in ministry. “Our call as people of faith is to remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and to look to the future.”

He added: “The Franciscan spirit that has been part of this parish for more than 150 years continues to be at the heart of our efforts as a parish.”

Richard asked parishioners to show their gratitude to advertisers purchasing space in the ad journal by supporting their businesses.

The journal is a comprehensive publication. It includes information about new parish members, events and milestones, baptisms, marriages, deaths, anniversaries, information about the patron saint, photos from the 2007 Bonafest, and a recap of the past year’s events. This year’s book also included information about Gregory Brennan, OFM, a former parochial vicar at the parish, who died in August 2007, and  information about the late Sr. Miriam Cecil, OSF, who worked on many Bonfests.

The money raised through the Bonafest is used for parish operating expenses, said staff member Kathy Russ. The total will be announced close to Labor Day, Richard said, adding that the parish is looking for volunteers for future Bonafests.