African Ancestry Committee Recommends National Black Catholic Congress

HNP Communications In the Headlines

The HNP African Ancestry Committee is encouraging friars and members of Provincial ministries to consider participating in the National Black Catholic Congress XI, being held in Indianapolis, Ind., in July.

The National Black Catholic Congress, held only occasionally, is scheduled for July 19 to 21, said David Hyman, OFM, chair of the committee.

“Most of us have African Americans or people of African ancestry in our constituency,” David said. He urges friars to “consider promoting attendance or even sponsoring someone or ones to attend. If you wish to assist anyone in becoming not only black and proud but also Catholic, this is the place to be.”

Workshops, speakers, music, worship, resources and community are components of the gathering. The registration fee is $250, and all information is available on

In addition to promoting this event, the Province’s African Ancestry Committee is developing several initiatives to draw attention to both national issues and to religious vocations. At their most recent meeting, on May 21, the committee members discussed the following:
• Two vocation-oriented print pieces, one targeted to African-Americans
• A series of articles to appear in HNP Today that highlight quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. that are relevant to current issues, especially those of the presidential campaign
• Deveoping a statement about Stand Your Ground laws

The committee, which comprises both friars and lay representatives from around the Province, plans to have the vocation brochure for African-American families ready for distribution at the National Black Catholic Congress.