Br. Roberto Serrano, OFM

Br. Roberto came to know the friars of Holy Name Province during his time in formation at the interprovincial novitiate in Burlington, Wis.

Born in Florida with strong ties to Puerto Rico, Br. Roberto spent his formative years in Germany, while his father was stationed there with the U.S. Air Force. Having grown up in such diverse and varied places, Br. Roberto has a strong appreciation for different cultures, faiths, and beliefs, which he sees as "very important for collaboration and ecumenism."

Originally attracted to the Franciscans' sense of fraternity, Br. Roberto is especially called to Holy Name Province's ministries that work directly with the poor, as he has a "strong desire to be among the marginalized." He loves to bring people together, especially with food, and looks forward to sharing his gifts with his brothers.

Name: Br. Roberto Serrano, OFM

Hometown: Tampa Bay, Fla.

Stage of Formation: Studying for the Priesthood

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