A Special Dedication at Arch Street

John Maganzini Features

BOSTON – The Arch Street friars welcomed La Salle O’Frieland his family for a special evening dedication. The family wanted to do something to “honor” the three Franciscan O’Friel brothers.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Gentle Love in the first floor church was dedicated in memory of Zachary and Demetrius, who have died, and La Salle. A beautiful plaque was made with the picture of Our Lady of Gentle Love and their names.

About 25 family members gathered in the friars’ chapel. David Convertino led the dedication prayer service. Gene Pistacchio and John Maganzini cantored. One of the nephews lectored. La Salle assisted David in blessing the plaque which will be placed in the first floor church.

Afterwards, the family members joined the friar community for preprandium and dinner.
Before the meal was served, some family members, including their sister, Sister Sheila, DC, shared memories and thanked the friars for their hospitality. Family members came from as far as the Philippines. David Convertino presented their married brother and his family with a garden statue of Our Lady of Gentle Love, prayer cards, and copies of the obituaries for Zachary and Demetrius.

It was a memorable evening and a tribute to three Holy Name Province friars who have faithfully served for so many years.