A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

NEW YORK — The staff of the Province’s Communications Office is encouraging forethought when planning events and photos.  It is recommended that when organizing a meeting or celebration that involves a group of people in a ministry or organization affiliated to Holy Name Province, that several photos be taken.  These pictures should show an activity and/or key organizers of the events.

It is important that friars wear their habits when attending events that may be photographed. Since these photos can potentially appear in various communications vehicles — the HNP Web site, The Anthonian magazine, and this newsletter — friars should be able to be easily identified.  Wearing the familiar brown robe will enable readers to, at a glance, recognize friar(s) pictured.

It is helpful for friars to be identified as Franciscans whether they are in a church, on the street, or in a photograph.

Octavio Duran, photographer in the Communications Office, said, “Many times photos cannot be published because the friars are not wearing their habits. This often weakens our efforts in trying to tell people about the work of the friars.”

“Some friars may have noticed that the photos on the Province’s home page rotate fairly frequently,” Octavio said. “For people that come to our Web page for the first time, it will be good to see the friars in their habits.

“If friars are wearing their habits in the provincial publications, they will convey the message effectively,” he added.  “The habit does not make the monk or friar, says the old adage, but it helps others to know a friar is hands-on in the ministry of our Province.”

Pictures are not only worth a thousand words but they are long-lasting images. The photo of Mychal Judge being carried from the World Trade Center rubble on 9/11, for example, has been seen by many people around the world.  Friars are representing the Province and the Order whenever they are outside of their houses.

Friars as well as newsletter contributors are welcome to contact the Communications Office with questions and ideas.

 Jocelyn Thomas is the Province’s Director of Communications.